• Refresh

    Vapor distilled water for purity and taste.

  • Rethink

    Bottles made 100% from plants, not oil.

  • Revive

    Reuse bottles and reduce waste.

  • Renewable

    Our bottle is made from surplus plants

Welcome to Renewal Water

People are torn over bottled water today; we love bottled pure drinking water. It offers a convenient, portable way to drink pure water and helps one to stay healthy. However, more people feel guilty about the impact their empty plastic bottles have on the environment. Most don't want to have to give up something like bottled pure drinking water; after all, it is refreshing and pure. In the end, people want companies to provide better options for pure drinking water; they want an eco friendly water bottle. We have taken these thoughts about bottled water to heart.

About Us

Re:newal uses an environmentally friendly bottle made from PLA resin; these eco-friendly bottles are derived from corn. Our plant-based bottle can be easily recycled back into PLA resin for reuse.

Our Bottle

Water and oil simply do not mix. That’s why our bottle is made from surplus plants and not petroleum-based plastic. The materials used are grown from our own soil and just as easily returned to it.

Bottled Water Reports

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