Our Story

People are torn over bottled water today; we love bottled water. It offers a convenient, portable way to drink pure water and helps one to stay healthy. However, more people feel guilty about the impact their empty plastic bottles have on the environment. Most don’t want to have to give up something like bottled water; after all, it is refreshing and pure. In the end, people want companies to provide better options for bottled water; they want an eco friendly water bottle. We have taken these thoughts about bottled water to heart. As a bottling company, we don’t just believe in delivering the purest product: we have also created a bottle and label made entirely from plants, not crude oil.

Re:newal uses an environmentally friendly bottles made from PLA resin; these eco-friendly bottles are derived from plants. Our Natureworks LLC is the manufacturer of our bio-plastic resin. Our bottles are BPA free and do not leach any chemicals into our water. Our bottles are made from plants grown in the United States by our farmers. It is time we take responsibility for our planet. The planet needs eco friendly companies with eco friendly products now more than ever. Re:newal is a great way for people to enjoy a premium water in a 100% eco friendly water bottle – finally, a great tasting beverage in an eco-friendly bottle.